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Need clarification

I cannot understand this question. Please explain it with apropriate explanation.

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X is to the East of Y, and Z is to the North of Y. In what direction is X with respect to Z ?
a. West-North b. East-North
c. East-South d. West-South

d. West-South

Hi Debayan,

For the purpose of illustration, I am using following convention for direction,


W      E



Now since X is to the east of Y, it will be on the right hand side of Y,


     Y        X


Now since Z is to the north of Y, Z will be above Y. So new configuration is,



     Y        X

Now it is easy to see that X is in "South-west" direction with respect to Z.



ExamHelp Forum Moderator

It is still not clear to me. It is clear from the figure you have shown that the answer should be South-East not South-West as you have told.

Kindly clarify.

Hi Debayan,

Thanks for reporting this.

Sorry for typo, yes it should be south-east.

We will fix the question in our database.


regards, ExamHelp Forum Moderator

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